Being Unwell

If one is sick or unwell,  we don’t imprison them, usually we help them, it’s that simple, those unwell locked up, be it prison mental institution, even trapped within, even stuck in the past also, the point is simply this, we have a habit of punishing, especially those with problems of the mind, who having seen what happened others, tend to go underground with their condition, worsening the situation and creating havoc for all, and while this is going on, those that allow corruption to continue, for whatever excuse they have, in order to soften public ire at the reality going on, in an attempt to cover up their wrong doing, create all sorts of penal laws, that do nothing but cause harm, all because the resources needed to establish the facilities to assist the unwell, were funneledIMG_5757 into the pockets of their friends, God Most High is most aware of all going on, might as well say it, the picture from the sky that accompanies this blog, 100% true, amen, leave your anger with God Most High, he’ll settle all accounts in the end…


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