Maybe it’s an old fashioned thought, there used to be something called chivalry, when the strong stood up for the oppressed, when hope was real and men behaved with heart, the qualities presented are not alien used to be common, wasn’t long ago when these qualities existed, how they were almost eradicated reveals very much, it’s reflected in ancient scripture by certain prophesies, and the way it was reflected was simply this, as the world got older the children got weaker, put another way, as a mother gets older the children she bares are not as robust, and it’s indicative of a world getting closer to the end, I’m not doomy gloomy or anything near it, I love to party and I enjoy it when I can, but the picture that accompanies this blog is 100% real, and it’s just a small example of many divine interventions, I am just passing on what I know to be true, God Most High is very real and works through the love in you, amen.IMG_5757

If you download the image and view it on a full screen…..if your interested, that is!


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