True Stories

Every good story, every thoughtful song, different forms of wisdom, Solomon was in the zone, and the Holy Spirit was with him, of that he had no doubt. While much had been done to undermine him, he had been warned. There were those actively trying to unhinge him, and they’d tried hard, but with the Great Spirit riding with him, he just had to remain calm. He’d a prayer he wanted to write, an appeal to the Most High. It was too important to ignore, the reality of divine assistance. The change was happening, and it was peaceful to date. Others prayed to achieve revenge of all types, or justification for certain behaviours. He didn’t think that way. Love is was and will always be the way, and overcoming the evil one, his number one goal. Removing the support network was his first plan. Now he wanted God Most High to shield all those who worked for love and true justice, wherever, to be protected from the evil menace. Many believers lived in homes, where the situation wasn’t sustainable for their faith to remain strong, they needed help. I’ll ask for the Holy Spirit to intervene he sighed, it had worked before, would work again. He had the promise of Jesus, the words spoken all those years ago. They still held the greatest of truths. A mustard seed of faith was all that was

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