The Great Discovery

A stranger in a room full of acquaintances, the inner workings of the mind elsewhere, you’re an undercover angel and can’t explain it, your heart is far off and your wasting it, you’re a child with a secret and your blameless, your with your life partner but abused by it, it’s not what it appears till your out in the cold, the relief of the cool air cleans you up, you can’t wait to get home and your pills that support it, your dancing for the men whose hands mark you, you can still smell them and can’t wait to lose it, you escaped the hell but ended up in a worse state, you begin to loose faith in all forms of human life, and it’s not your imagination despite what they insist, conform accept get used to it it’s life honey, then you encounter the real light and realise you were right all along, and suddenly their darkness has no power over you whatsoever, you found God was with you all the time, same as the day you discover French wine is the best, the day you discover what love is all about.IMG_5757

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