The Language of Love

IMG_5757Why, it’s a question and an answer in one, why God is blamed for so much, well why does this happen, why did that happen, why has the human race put a price on Love, why, why have you free will, cause all Love is free will, the choice is yours and mine, in a world of possession, where ownership is so sought after, it’s easy to see how eventually it comes round to the ownership of what you can’t ever own, you might assume you own it, but all Love is of divine, and everything divine belongs to God, in our world we have tried to own what is not ours, the life we all enjoy, the environment that supports us, and in affect, the world becomes ungodly for want of an explanation, as beings, of divine potential, we built walls around us, inhibiting the growth of love, encouraged hatred, and every other vice, at the expense of Love and the Love of God, even  church leaders discouraged Love, they point out the differences, try to control instead, and Love is the only communication tool, if you want to contact God!, it’s really that simple. If you don’t speak the language of Love how can you communicate in it, amen….

Cosmic Energy

We are the sun, every time it shines, we lighten up. it’s called “l’energie cosmique”, we are the sun, it’s the ability to be divine, gift of God Most High, pure love, amen, and finding the balance between our physical self and ego, it’s the reason Jesus called us to forgive, it lightens the heart, rids oneself of that darkness we store inside, amen, and it’s been the great struggle for a very long time. It’s the prime reason so much energy is wasted, but it’s all changing once the light comes, tCopy of IMG_2498he great spirit is fully active, amen.

Sisters of Mercy ….yums

0h…..The sisters of mercy came to me, 8  two angels with glowing faces, 7…. I was at ease the minute I stepped into their company, 6…. they brought me some food with relish,  filled my heart putting me at ease, everyday I see them my day lights up, 9…. I want to tell them how much I appreciate the  tenderness, 2… to treat everyone in such a loving way, it moves me to watch them float, 7… so keep your heart open and 9….  you’ll  encounter them today,  8..…the angels that skirt our lives, the little things they do, could be just a loving glance, could be that person next to you in the Que, so don’t rush your life away, love is slow and relaxing not a quick fix,, slow down and encounter love’ll be surprised, 2….                                           amenche2


One eye on the door, the little one hopes more, every day the spirit is harmed, as the little guy eyes the door, heart lifts is this the day, heart sighs inside he cries, was only an empty promise, like them other ones, the fathers who deserted their kids, what was in their hearts, were they ever loved themselves, young one keeps on hoping, one day he’ll come back home, amenghandhi

Solomon’s continuous dream

How long do you ignore the reality, that you have encountered again and again, do you pretend and say nothing,  and pretend it never happened again and again, only to find out that it never stopped happening, again and again, how long before you realize the reality of what’s actually going on, you raise your voice to an obvious wrong and say it straight, then from all sources you find yourself under  assault, ask the dixie chicks and countless others who spoke up for God’s sake20131122-230420, ….the way is being prepared for the reality of heaven on earth, and that’s as simple as minding them little “B”’s, amen, Solomon trembled as he read it back, where the words came from, someone else must be saying them. Tears welled in his eyes, as he began to realize that the divine hand was leading him, amen.

Meet Patrick, the World’s Oldest and Largest Living Wombat

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patrick the oldest and largest living wombat (8)

At 84 pounds (38 kg) and 29 years of age, Patrick is the world’s oldest and largest known living common Wombat (Vombatus ursinus). This is his story.

patrick the oldest and largest living wombat (3)

Patrick has lived nearly his entire life at the Ballarat Wildlife Park in Victoria, Australia. He was hand-raised by the owners after being orphaned as a baby.

patrick the oldest and largest living wombat (5)

According to Tourism Australia, “the team at the park tried releasing Patrick back into the wild a couple of times but he couldn’t defend himself against other wombats.”

patrick the oldest and largest living wombat (1)

Tourism Australia also adds:

Given that Patrick has never had children, or any partners in general, probably makes him the oldest living wombat virgin as well!

patrick the oldest and largest living wombat (4)

patrick the oldest and largest living wombat (2)

When he was younger, Patrick used to greet park visitors in a wheelbarrow (above)…

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