The Child

No one was listening to him accept joey, the dealer, his new friend,  was a choice between being undermined at home or heard elsewhere, what do you do, your young and want to have a go at life, your very impressionable, so is the porn industry, i’d like to be a model, Featured Image -- 1110227241but there is money in that, he watches as he is told, they invite him into the company, he’s one of the big one’s now, and very innocent, what’s that your taking, he wants to be one of them, there is nothing going on at home, his mother can’t cope with her father, not that he’s around that much, he needed nurture that never arrived, so what he decides, the needle is filled, he gets violently sick but feels fine after, utopia of a type you can’t describe, the world is beautiful he decides, just needs a little bit more…why would anyone deal in death…

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