Solomon Waits

Slow burn is all the more painful, as the heart withers slowly, prefer a fast hit like the others, wants to get over the pain, young child can’t handle it anymore, takes the syringe and understands what it’s for, the promise and the prayers unanswered, tired of all the clichés and excuses, doesn’tche2 care gets into trouble, what do you say to a small beaming child, whose brought delight to the world, do you push them till they break, the demon and his coterie of friends do it everyday, destroy so much of what is beautiful, while the believers watch the clouds rather than the person ahead, time for God Most High to root up more weeds, too much damage too many days passed, the bruises clear the hurt so near, St. Peter what is going on, the small voices are crying out can’t you hear them, Solomon was in a rush, a melody of prayers came into his head, he’d seen another abandoned child another dream destroyed, the Holy Angels were getting the push as far as he was concerned, amen….


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