The Language of Love

IMG_5757Why, it’s a question and an answer in one, why God is blamed for so much, well why does this happen, why did that happen, why has the human race put a price on Love, why, why have you free will, cause all Love is free will, the choice is yours and mine, in a world of possession, where ownership is so sought after, it’s easy to see how eventually it comes round to the ownership of what you can’t ever own, you might assume you own it, but all Love is of divine, and everything divine belongs to God, in our world we have tried to own what is not ours, the life we all enjoy, the environment that supports us, and in affect, the world becomes ungodly for want of an explanation, as beings, of divine potential, we built walls around us, inhibiting the growth of love, encouraged hatred, and every other vice, at the expense of Love and the Love of God, even  church leaders discouraged Love, they point out the differences, try to control instead, and Love is the only communication tool, if you want to contact God!, it’s really that simple. If you don’t speak the language of Love how can you communicate in it, amen….


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