Sisters of Mercy ….yums

0h…..The sisters of mercy came to me, 8  two angels with glowing faces, 7…. I was at ease the minute I stepped into their company, 6…. they brought me some food with relish,  filled my heart putting me at ease, everyday I see them my day lights up, 9…. I want to tell them how much I appreciate the  tenderness, 2… to treat everyone in such a loving way, it moves me to watch them float, 7… so keep your heart open and 9….  you’ll  encounter them today,  8..…the angels that skirt our lives, the little things they do, could be just a loving glance, could be that person next to you in the Que, so don’t rush your life away, love is slow and relaxing not a quick fix,, slow down and encounter love’ll be surprised, 2….                                           amenche2


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