The Rocker

Oh, I’m a rocker, applause and claws, can’t help it, grabs the attention, grabs the young, I’m richer after all, can’t get high enough, had to much of the other stuff,  needs the stimulants now, needs the dealer too, pass me the stuff, not the cheap, give that to the others, I’m a rocker after all, makes friends with “in” people, everyone has great tales, never mind the friends  lost, few more pills they all pass on, it’s just part of being a rocker after all, roll on the years, the harm done to generations, the talent abused so widely, on every street corner of our beloved earth,  the dealer is a living cert, is everyone totally blind, no, it just happens to disadvantaged children, congratulations, God Most High watching it all,  so many with their hands in the till, so many stupid regulations, no wisdom in place anywhere, can’t do anything about that, so everyone says, then he found his son in a heap,  in a New York alleyway street, now he can’t get the image out of his head, just saying the obvious, why has it been allowed to fester for so long, amen, WITH TALENT COMES EVEN GREATER RESPONSIBILITY, MIGHT AS WELL BE AWARE OF HOW YOU USE IT, AMEN, so says the talent giver.

che2You can rock in your job, being a rocker isn’t about music; it’s about the life you live, being a rocker has responsibilities after all, when the abnormal becomes the norm it’s time to change the mindset before it’s too late, check the image from the sky, it’s more than real

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