The Danger

Why stare at me, she’s very young,  excited, the way anyone would be, if they were given too much attention, sounds obvious why bother saying it, same as an unplanned pregnancy, what!, it’s not that children aren’t born,  normally we are prepared for it, the young child isn’t ready,  on the contrary, they are actively encouraged, parents can’t do anything, it’s a double edged sword,  not unless they believe in the power of God, and the teachings of Jesus, and the wisdom given to the holy prophets, the importance of self esteem, all that other stuff that’s bandied about, how often do they state God in their works, rarely, a real party killer,  to treat others with respect, means amending rather than offending, suddenly the freefall is stopped, it’s the reason we are asked to reform, so many small folks are in a mess, emotionally like lambs to the slaughter, the results clear to see, in the reaction of many, where is the safe harborIMG_5755, the picture of the man in the sky, there’s a few in there actually, timely reminder of what lies ahead, if we don’t amend, just saying it as it is, it’s real proof of the divine affect, amen, so what is normal these days you ask, close the door, switch on the TV, forget, amen

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