The Boundary

Misuse of information, half truth and expectation, venomous hearts hungry for revenge, whatever it takes, regardless of human cost or wisdom, the end result,  a  pathway down,  must not do that again, victims forgotten, same tactics repeated again and again, new faces, same set of reasonable excuses, system employees try to hold back the tide, unable to act fully, afraid to compromise, did we get it wrong, so often they ask, the question they pass, from generation to generation, meanwhile the disorder repeats and repeats, till the light came shining true, wow, amen,  there really is a divine God, the intangible is no longer a  mystery, amen, new boundaries being set by the new wise, taking responsibility for the absence of conscious past, elders above begin to relax, God smiles, I told you the boy had it he sighs,Copy of IMG_2498 as saint peter refills his old wine jug, amen…

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