Pyramid Thinking

Who asks the questions, is there a moral body in existence, what have they been doing, what exactly, what have they achieved,  memorials for long passed men and women,  occupies most of their time, seems they ignored the advice of Jesus over two thousand years ago,  it’s written in ancient scripture,  the wisdom of God,  no point being occupied with the past, it’s the notion of forgiveness and what it  means, being born again,  and what in truth it means, in times of great change, there has to be substance, bad news for those who dont like the truth, or those who ought to share that bit more, well if you put your faith in God, sharing is compulsory, it’s not an option, as for the elite groups who pretend to be in charge, I call it pretend,  they control using underhand means and laws they don’t apply to themselves, it’s time they checked the image from the sky, it’s a small sample of far more important events happening, but that’s another matter, so what have all these great collection of organisations been doing these last forty years, the day of the Lord is here and now,  it’s written in the many great events and miracles that have occurred these last few years, just wondering what they have been doing, in a nutshell, I’m just an ordinary man whose been watching events and it’s staggering the conceit some still show in defiance of the events that have occurred. The Egyptian empire of old thought they controlled the world too, I suppose the entire story is just a fairytale and those pyramids an accident from space. When the Holy Spirit is pouring out it’s the spark of the great revival, you’d assume  great effort would be made to improve things, just saying, and the image from the sky is very real, amen, after all, the mercy of God is unlimited and he wants us all to be saved,,,if you believe in HimIMG_5757


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