Man the machine, it chats all day, it’s my only friend, never breaks down, more reliable than a human, gets me up in the morning, helps me to see things, brings me all over the world, dam the machine, it’s changed the entire world, totally addicted now, maybe I’ll call the repair man she smiles?, well he wont have much to do about nothing….she laughs to herself on the phone, my thing has broken down, when are you coming over, she dolls up her hair, puts on a bit of face paint, and waits at the front door, the bell rings she opens the door, she pats him on the ass, he looks at her oddly, I’ll make a complaint he says, who’ll believe you she replies, men have got away with it for centuries, he’s quite and does what he’s told, turning the world upside down, easyBOBMARLEY_HD


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