Buried Emotions

One eye on the door,

the little one hopes more,

every day spirit is harmed,

the little guy eyes the door,

heart lifts is this the day,

heart sighs inside he cries,

only an empty promise,

just like them other,

heart hardens hopes fade,

prayer made gone unanswered,

angels being called in,

facing dismissal everyone of them,

the abyss their resting place,

will they wont they do something,

God Most High waits patiently,

little child has no such luxury,

demon minded rooted out,

screams and shouts go unheard,

then there is an opening,

a new voice is raised up,

and ye wonder why the Pope,

had to come from the ends of the earth,

picture of man in the sky real,


Spirit is removed replaced with ego,

what the demon hoped,

when it starts young,

nearly impossible to replace,

it becomes cynicism and apathy,

child comes under strange influence,

accepts and gets on with it,

another great love reduced to rubble,

as conscience is overcome with guilt,

starts to hide among addictions,

pretends it’s going to be fine,

buries emotions deep inside,

someone else will feel it as he gets old,

and they say there are no consequences,

live a good life, life is for ever,

is there going to be an answer,

IMG_5757 amen…..

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