Heaven on Earth

Whose up there, whose looking down, can we control them, use blackmail then, find the weakness, everyone has one, old Chinese proverb, dumb them down, find them a cause, sort out the sparks, large crowd gathers, ambitious to the last, climbing over each other, trying to get a handle, hoping it will last, ant hill of humanity, political minded, heading where you wonder, God Most High smiles, something to cheer for,  honest souls among them, sends in the angels, gives clear instruction, wonders why the delay, children crying out, women in fear everywhere, demon supporters choking on conceit, diet for rest of life, corruption meter bursts, repairman sent to help, need a new one, start all over again, third time lucky smiles the Lord, the blessed trinity, united at last, if only life was a game, was to those who tore it asunder, to those who plunder, to the corrupt net-workers, ladder is now electrified, only good souls capable, sounds like heaven on earth tonight, amen.Copy of IMG_2498IMG_5757

Your Personal Truth

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Are you speaking your personal truth in your life, or are you still hiding who you are?  Do you tailor your responses to others to make them feel more comfortable?  At the expense of your inner knowing?

If you do that enough, you will begin to doubt yourself and your journey.  Of course not everyone will understand you, especially when you declare you are an ascension pioneer, that you are on the leading edge of the consciousness shift.  That you are an angel having a human experience, that this lifetime you took on the passion of embodying spirit, of integrating all your lost and wounded aspects, and that the most important relationship is the one with your soul self.

Do you have the confidence to tell them that you are here for very different reasons than most other humans?  But you are also not here to convince or convert anyone…

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THURSDAY MORNING MOM: Jennifer Gail Robertson

mothers deserve support

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Dear Tom,

My mother Jennifer Gail Robertson is the best nominee for your Thursday Morning Mom. She raised me and my twin brother alone. Working 2 and sometimes 3 jobs to raise both of us and still had time to read us a bedtime story almost every night. To show you how good my mother is I had my son on the same date and time that she gave birth to me and my twin brother.

My brother was recently killed a few days before the 3 of us would celebrate our birthday. But, that didn’t stop my mother. She took in his widow and his 3 kids as if they were her own. Paid for them to go to the best schools and did just like the good samaritan, she purchased his widow a nice SUV to transport all 3 of my brother’s kids sacraficing…

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Open Letter to the Psychiatric Institute of Washington After the Death of My Friend

it’s winter, a dark time for many, read this and open your eyes

Everything Matters

tulipsBy Will Hall

Dear Post-traumatic Disorders Program, Psychiatric Institute of Washington,

A close and dear friend is dead.

She was a patient at your hospital, and a few days ago she sent me this text:

“I left the trauma program after 48 hours. I was appalled at the environment, the terrible therapy and being treated like a prisoner. I went there looking for healing and support and found the experience even more traumatic. Western mental health systems are dehumanizing and insane.”

That was the last message I ever received from her. I got a call that my friend’s body was found in the river: she drowned herself.

After many weeks of searching she came to your program in what was to be her last act of hope. My friend made a great effort in a time of utter despair. She trusted you.

I am stricken with grief but I am…

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Being Able

Being able, to do what, being able to eat, sleep, dream, give thanks, able to pray, being able to do lots, being able to sing, teach, reach, able to believe, word of The Gospel. Absolute trust, works miracles, imagine, being able to work miracles, imagine, it’s not far fetched at all, requires Love and a little faith, that’s all, just being real, we are all born this way, lose the self, it’s the story of love, amenIMG_5757


Provocative, what’s that, interesting, yeah, what do you mean, curves, image, ideas to fill the mind with, string them along, bit by bit, ease them in, in no time, in deep waters, addicted to image, focussed on the self, eventually you can convince them of anything, eating out of your hand, no, it’s not horse training, it’s human conditioning, it’s why we were warned, idol worship, there’s far more to it, amen, mind gamers mood changers, you’ve been caught, God Most High, noting every detail, every trick, don’t be alarmed, too late for that, do something about it, and those who comment, the outraged, check out the mirror, before you open your mouth…one day you might be wise, curves, no, jagged edges everywhere.BOBMARLEY_HD