Invincible considerable untouchable,

terms associated with rulers,

the force that coerces everyone,

move aside we’ll decide,

they never plan for love,

never intended to love,

control power family heritage,

they never planned for God,

it was never their domain,

hadn’t been seen in awhile,

only interested in control,

of almost everyone,

when love is not your core,

God is not resident,

they see it different now,

the plans that are failing,

the witness from the sky

the real game changer,

like all great sunrises,

puts life in all believing hearts,


no fear where God dwells,

no spaceship required,

just loving hearts,

isn’t that almost too simple.IMG_5757

1 thought on “untouchable?

  1. they are truly tragic specimens- wasting all their energy and ruining so many lives for their stupid chase for power and money!

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