tweet tweet tweet

Twist move push return over down up it’s what life is all about, the efforts we make to smooth things out the stuff we try to forget, in the end it’s yourself you need to get over, face up to it believe it, it’s not the aliens we have to worry about, it’s the two legged monsters with the bit between the teeth, who go tweet tweet tweet, come on and learn something quick before life passes you by, how did we get to behave in such a foolish way, going around night and day checking the social network and the every minute tweet, sounds like the birds got the way right, living in the moment can be a great way to live, now and again you need to throw out the fear and go naked go without, but not spending your day going tweet tweet tweet, Gaga Madonna and thousands of other stars out there, the birds have more sense,IMG_5755 maybe Hitchcock was right after all, amen.

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