First Secret of Heaven


Love has no interest in love itself, it’s not something you own or hide, it’s purely an action or inaction you live by, it’s one secret to heaven and what’s waiting inside, your mine you belong to me I’m yours you see, such thoughts seem rich but are really empty, it’s putting a price on what does not belong to you, how can you promise it to one person alone, love is a teacher it’s wisdom to be shared, together we live the dream of eternal love, friendship and sharing growing old together too, in the case of relationships and the passions we enjoy, it’s the wish of our creator to make love like we do, when two become one a third love often results, it’s the manifestation of the continuous stream of love, we just happen to assume it’s our divine right, it’s simply the creation of the blessed trinity, love begets love in families it’s easy to nurture it, can there be any other way to explain it, amen., it’s the thread that holds us together and remain in tact, why not use more of it and keep the world in tact, love is a farmer and as every farmer understands, when those seeds you are planting loose the yield, it’s a case of changing the inputs if the farm is to survive, too often we short change mother nature, too often we cheat the needs of true love, too often we forget the sacrifices of others, in our race to get to the top of it we become too focused, you can’t hurry love the way we hurry children, it’s the secret of Heaven on earth, patient love enduring hope and resilient faith in God Most High…..and a Good Father always instructs his children.

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