The Problems of Love

Love is a problem when you try to own it,

(ownership demands jealousy)

love is never a problem when you share it,

(something shared is never a burden)

daily we are told that love belongs to us,

(media circus is total push)

when all true love is purely divine,

(All Love belongs to God – check the image A4 size)

children are the result of divine love,

(blessed trinity of love, love created)

gift of creation entwined unwound ,

(born with it)

and the teachings of Jesus,

(best example of Love in action)

forgiveness is the main ingredient of happiness,

(love is for life, have to get over your difficulties)

we coil steel rope around love so tight,

(we get very protective of Love, it’s mine!¬)

when it uncoils everyone gets hurt

(all those angry feelings, depression etc)

blame hatred agony aunts psychics therapists benefit

(fortunes made out of failed love by others)

while society pushes love to the extreme,

(secrets of a good relationship, most in trouble)

in the background it titillates and excites,IMG_5758

creating the no mans land affect,

where true love can hardly grow,

can’t have children have to leave you,

honey, with  money you’ll find someone new,

love is really divine but we treat it so poorly,

offending God Most High and strangling ourselves in the process,

ghandhi amen.


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