My Spaceship Failed

Measure me weigh me evaluate estimate package me sell me, bundle me into a category turn me bland, when your finished might as well sexualise me, turn me into an item of desire and addiction, welcome me to the modern world of the child, where everything is valued according to sets of statistics, how many how much how regular how divided we all are, according to numbers we set a price of everyone, your country is rich your worth invading, no natural resources don’t rush over there, the smiling teeth brigade were here to help, privately they organize the theft of all your stuff, years later they arrive with human aid doing the good thing, well they have previous know how, they can help, circle of exploitation runs and runs till resources run dry, then they begin to feed on the vulnerable among themselves, the honest the concerned the carers the teachers the mums the young, evidenced across all borders and ceaseless it seems, well the man in the sky is watching them all, measuring them according to their own rules, will they have a role to play in the world of true love, fire prevention i suppose, career advice for those with new world intentions, your spaceship just failed it’s test flight,  blew up again, amen.IMG_5757

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