Two Little Boys

Two small boys playing in the mall,

running gaily under  mother’s watchful eye,

free to dream run with cheer,

it’s the sort of stuff that reminds you,

children need the space to find themselves,

and adults the time and ability to be patient,

not interfering and devising distant futures,

just the chance to be children,

I wonder if it’s a case of covering up,

the high geared plans some parents have,

before their child is even born,

fears they pass on in regulated ways,

if we can’t be there we’ll organise instead,

how can children be farmed successfully,

why has society lost empathy,

and who can disagree with that just stating fact,

little boys need their father figures around,

same way a river needs to flow,

it’s the way a child grows in confidence,

if in trouble they don’t have to worry,

does the heart not bleed sometimes,

when you see that stubborn child,

afraid of the emotions inside,

on account of not being able to share them,

it’s not rocket science, amen.

little Joe gets older,

only emotional strength will support him,

no substitute for that regardless of circumstance,

too busy too bad the child’s loss and yours,



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