Token Heads


working in Africa, we work with the homeless, what does your charity do, the gossipers and the boast, all the time remaining faithful, to the very system that destroys within, the victims they support, the victims the system creates, no fear of them doing anything structural, foreign debt written off, countries weren’t paying it back, prolonging the pain that bit further, chaos is sometimes required, the could have been me moment, as Leonard says, only when the hearts of the ordinary are moved, only then does anything ever change, what does your charity do then, increase the waiting time I suppose, it’s time for one charity, not trendy to do that, you lose the PR value and more, did they really do that, next week they dine out with tyrants, giving credit to evil and corruption, Geronimo was right all those years ago, they offer tokens, but they can never be trusted, the white man, and was he not right, even if the Indians now scalp the white man through the pocket, with all those casino’s, strange justice. Amen, trying to bail out the conscience, easier to re float the titanic, unless you have sown love, those with the talents, talents to be shared, questions will be asked, the image of the man from the sky, it’s not imitation it’s very real, amen.


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