Minimation: George Harrison Recalls Paul McCartney’s Trumpet-Playing Days

paul mc cartney started playing the trumpet before he played the guitar, imagine that

98.1 WOGL

OnMinimation, we comb through the archives of legendary New York radio station WNEW-FM and animate interviews with legendary rock artists.In this installment,George Harrisonrecalls playing music with a pre-BeatlesPaul McCartney, who at the time, wasconcentrating on playing trumpet.

Ah, what could have been.

Paul McCartney was the only member of the Beatles who, after the split-up, was able to do a solo album, completely on his own, without any supporting musicians. His solo debut, 1970’sMcCartney, featured Paul on all the instruments: guitars, bass, keyboards and drums. But in this interview, George Harrison recalls that Paul started out playing the trumpet, possibly because his father had played in a jazz band.

But Paul, it seems, always had his eye on stardom. And while Louis Armstrong and Dizzy Gillespiewere stars in their own right, that would not be Paul’s path.


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