Me And Jesus 2: A Conversation

faith is stronger than hope, can cure depression too!

Bitter Humble Pie

T: My faith is weak, my hope is dwindling.wpid-adversity.jpeg

J: You must have faith…

T: Why?

J: Because.

T: That’s not an answer.

J: It’s important to have faith, as a matter of fact it’s the most important thing to have.

T: I think hope is but I’ll grant you that; but would you say it’s necessary?

J: Oh yeah.

T: But what’s the difference between hope and faith, ain’t they the same?

J: Hope is longing, faith is knowing.

T: Oh, you’re good….but, which is more important, I mean; in your experience?

J: Well, there is always more hope than faith, I know that much.

T: How do you suppose?

J: Hope takes little effort and people are lazy.

T: I see what you’re saying. I hear people say “I hope” a lot more than I ever hear “I have faith in or that…”

J: Have you ever noticed…

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