The Little Seed

Cut them down, the weeds are mounting, hard to get a view of right, love is hiding everywhere so hurt, feeling has left gone off, they are closing in it’s a siege, Big weed taps on the door, coming out today little seed, there’s room in my back garden, it used to be mine shouts seed, no good seed ever survived weed, not for long, big weed has no brain, birds trees water animals weeds everywhere, little seed gets ready for the showdown, he’s running out of water and soil, his plot is down to an inch, I suppose it’s the same with everything good, when space runs out for it to grow we …disappear, begin to consume our own, the new Orleans experience, steal it cheat, oppress, plan the great escape, build spaceships, can’t be that exciting up there, come on, 500k for a seat, thousands, well, God Most High doesn’t leave things till their that bad, someone is looking at you, amen to that!, God puts down the gardening book, the children are making noise again, time to get up, looks out the window, weeds closing in on little seed, takes out the fork, throws a few into the abyss, spends an hour in the garden, clears off a wide patch, plenty room for a tent he smiles, damn weeds he howls, where did they come from, damn weeds?. He hears little seed complaining, afraid to come out, time nearly up. He drops it into a fresh clean spot, free from weeds, there you go little seed, grow he smiles!

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