Dancing Child

Dancing child moves to the beat,
two years old maybe three eyes meet,
he’s a dazzling smile jumps dives,
mother gets up stops the jive,
just imitating the sound in his head,
seen it on TV it’s in his head,
doesn’t understand her anxiety,
or why she’s trying to control,
what happens when the images are adult,
and he’s still very young,
is he going to assume it’s normal,
that’s what it says to him,
why else would they show him,
intentionally causing me harm,
every child learns the same way,
imitating whatever is around them,
does it not push your mind,
into places that are uncomfortable,
stuff that is hard to unwind,
do we turn a blind eye to the obvious,
that this is all around us,
for all the rules and the control,
keep pushing the boundaries of behaviour,
like heroin in the neighborhood,
just stick out your arm,
years later the problem out of hand,
habit is spread wider and afar,
nothing you can do about it,
easy to accept and do nothing at all.

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