Starts with you




little eyes peering out,

darts left and right,

doesn’t feel hatred,

never encountered bias,

just feels loved,

mischievous and curious,

the way a little boy should,

amazed by your smile,

wants to play all the time,

plays with the water,

imitates what he sees,

brushes his teeth,

looks approvingly into you eyes,

reaches for your arms,

never has to fear,

God looking on,

the way life ought to be,

if you live that occasionally,

you’ll weep tears of  joy,

couldn’t believe it,

the way children affect us,

allow them to grow lovingly,

and without any fear,

with purely amazement.

then you’ll see stars,

in the eyes of a child,

the wonders of God,

how emotion can be created,

and it’s so simple to do,

shelve your personal interests,

for the interest of Love,


it starts with you,


and what do we expose children to daily….open your eyes today

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