Casablanca Kennedy


Casablanca Kennedy



what you make of it jack,

24 trillion off shore,

can you imagine that,

hum hum hum,

where’d it come from,

printed credit I suppose,

he answers with  wry smile,

amongst the heavenly bodies,

opinions are listened to,

really only one of him,

ahem comes a sound,

Elvis begins to strum,

Sings a bit louder,

angels listen and hum,

song over conversation returns,

damn Vietnam sighs jack,

hurting from the betrayal,

buzz gets louder,

more angels hover round,

enjoy light and laughter,

jack tells story of old,

don’t make them anymore`

sighs Gandhi,

there’s a hush,

Boss enters chamber,

who said that`

Gandhi smiles,

I did dear God,

not a man to keep quite,

we’ll do something then,

cup of divine water,

spills on a cloud,

pours out Holy Spirit,

that’ll fix it he smiles,

allows Gandhi the credit,

appearing always humble,

example comes from the top,

leaders of the world,

are being monitored,

All over the world,

new leaders lifted up,

wise men and women,

signs for everyone to see,

God adds some miracles,

Lots of Thomas’s there,

foot stool he asks,

AAH, that feels better,

calm at last,

a few extra smiles,

 you comfortable he asks,

adjusting his feet,

that’s better,

less groans and moans,

movie better work out,

Casablanca all over again,

Popcorn and a happy ending,che2


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