Bad Seed Generation?

Another child dies they are dropping like flies,
from the sands of the desert to the heart of the skies,
the sighs and tears of family and relations,
something wrong when we so quickly forget them,
must be the case as it happens so often,
harmless and very young the little one is exposed,
to violence and things stuff he don’t know,
not personal or traumatic but funny and wholesome,
the older boys laugh the little one learns,
if they see it funny then it’s something good,
the character on the TV is jumping and thumping,
the other boys laugh the little one starts thumping,
called imitation and it’s coming to a school near you,
social network is in order everyone is involved,
has to be good otherwise everyone is absurd,
twenty messages a day and a hundred new images,
young mind becomes toast it’s something beyond him,
fine for the smart young with all the advantages
daddy has a smart fone and a dozen other devices,
in a tornado and it’s getting out of control,
can anyone imagine the situation about to unfold,
less we preserve the innocence of the child,
until it’s a reasonable age and growing emotionally,
we guarantee the creation of the bad seed generation,
that’s something I don’t want to look forward to,


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