Wisdom is not Critisism

Where’s my daddy gone,
little boy cries all night,
can’t get those images out of his head,
his little heart torn inside,
pillow weeps from all his tears,
wakes with a heavy head,
too young to be feeling this way,
buries his emotions inside,
can’t cry anymore keeps it,
every time there’s emotion he fears,
warning heads for the shelter,
now carries a gun and is wise,
understands the danger from the skies
saw his father covered in shrapnel and blood,
hates since the day his father died,
can you blame him,
no therapist about to console him,
just soldiers and their guns,
as Jesus said all those years ago,
unless you learn to forgive,
this will always be the way,
seems the Leaders of Israel never learned,
how else can you explain it,
creating hatred to feel protected,
does not make sense,
that’s all,
not criticism it’s wisdom,
How often has wisdom been rejected,
since the dayche2 Jesus arrived, amen.


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