Something Happens

An event, something happens, an act too far, another missile from Gaza, suddenly murder everywhere, Vietnam War, beginning of world war 1, the assassination of the emperor, the latest attack , a step too far, the breakthrough moment, the death of JFK, hurried the Vietnam war, the straw winded the camel, and mysteriously, the agents of war prepared, something we accept so easily, the 9/11 moment, the commencement of the Iraq invasion, there’s almost a comment, the weapons of mass destruction, still looking, so it’s fact, there is an evil elite, aware of what’s happening, in affect facilitating armed conflict, pawning off women and children, they do that in brothels anyway, but the affect of conflict is strange, as believers pray for those in zone, and the conflict creators add to their resources, self fulfilling for both sides, the war eventually ends, and both sides win, minus the lives destroyed , and hatred put on hold, well God Most High sees it clearly, the image of the man in the sky, a warning to them all, everyone, the time is getting near, prepare, amen. When God calls stop, hold it buddy, you don’t argue, you listen, amen. And in that moment, something happens.


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