Bad Tree Day

My friend the bee doesn’t call anymore, the tree nodded to the daffodil beside him, and he doesn’t visit me either, the daffodil replied. I wonder why. A flower heard the conversation going on, a wild rose. I’ve heard he’s lost his home, he’s moved. I miss the way he used to buzz around with us. How did you find that out inquired Mr tree. Oh a wasp told me, replied the rose. Mr tree was upset, he wasn’t feeling well either. two of his friends had passed away, an old willow and hazel bush, some disease they caught. I wonder where it will all end IMG_4423inquired the daffodil. Nature, God’s gift to us all, and now nature has to deal with the poisoned air, dirty water, and whatever the chemical mess that’s there, the silent killers. and it was the chemical industry that halted the use of the hemp plant, that would have served us all so well declared the tree, getting upset. Can you trust man to do anything right, amen. Perhaps someone good will come along, and do what is right quipped the daffodil, who missed his old friend Mr Bee. All this nectar is going to waste. Then a butterfly came along, a big smile on it’s face. Hi guys, having a nice day I hope. The tree shuck a little, bad leaf day declared Mr Butterfly, before scampering off. What’s wrong with him he frowned.


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