The Honest Games

You heard of the hunger games, well, let’s hear it for the honest games, part one of a sequel…Featured Image -- 1110227241


Seven year old boy, stuff on the TV, more and more interested, ideas being planted into his mind, images with consequences,  getting rooted all the time, same as father beating a child, same as encountered when young, we imitate it’s how we learn, same as trauma in war zone, the medication and the cures excuses, pretending is a global exercise, pretending is not heavenly, pretending is destruction sown, experts and sociologist, therapists and psychologists, psychiatrists and doctors, ready to solve problems, never ready to change, quite literally all pretending, protecting the system, that feeds them, another drug problem, too many involved, to many employed, call it society, I call it fraud, and so fraudulently we rear children, allowing problems to fester, to be exploited later, evil spirit plans it well, seeds get damaged, love is diminished, eventually, earth becomes a wasteland, no return of the promised sun, well, that plan has been curtailed, the light is back and it’s visible, amen.

….children absorb experience, images, behavior around them, and it’s clear what is influencing them, it’s not a situation that can linger, do we want the planet to live or die, it’s really that simple…and society and zealots exploit these problems later, as the children grow up. God in his wisdom, asks us to be born again, i wonder if anyone knows what that means, amen


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