Into the abyss

Malaysian plane massacre, it could be you, wake up, great poem

Peace, Love and Patchouli

I sit
I don’t think I took a breath
Words come from the mouth
but I know before then
into the abyss
another has gone.
Falling from skies
The same one that we sit below
the same one we fly through
and I know that out there
someone is wailing
for a beloved.
295 into the abyss
and I feel numb
as I know so many
who travel this world
on any given day
to any given place
and I think how sad
that these things occur
and my feelings lay
at the edge of the abyss
where I can stand and walk away
unlike the souls
who perished today
the wailing heard so far away
the string of the universe
connecting strangers and loved ones
as the life that is
splashed on the tele
as I sit speechless
a tear runs free.

Prayers for healing to those on the…

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