Feeding my soul

great music

Chantilly Lace

Good soul music should make you want to weep and rejoice in the same sensation of taking it all in, looking to the sky, smiling with tears in your eyes.

My Sunday mornings many times are composed of a radio, WNCU 90.7 Gospel Brunch and a whole lot of joy and tears. I can’t keep in my chair, if a song comes on that is performed with a deepness of feeling, the anguish of loss, hope or love, I’m absolutely swimming  in it. I sway, rocking from foot to foot. I allow the dulcet tones to completely envelop me. The louder the better too.

A slightly out of tune piano hammered on my experienced fingers with a woman singing at the top of their lungs in chorus is perfection in my eyes. This was the birth place of rock and roll, rhythm  and blues. A church service and choir singing…

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