The Demon Hunter

Casting out demons, banishing fear, murdering evil, healing, turning power hungry into babbling fools, unearthing truth, revealing dark secrets, getting inside the evil mind, thrashing their plans, exposing them, the efforts made, the intense focus, the daily challenge, mental strength, rewards, the Holy Spirit, happy children, smiling faces, prayers answered, healing hearts, love rekindled, the joy inside, certainty of LIGHT, when love is right, divine assistance, it’s all possible, when you love fully, no doubt in the slightest, amen.
the gift of God, a way of life, eternal light, it can heal, do the most wonderful, it’s not a prayer thing, prayer gets you into the zone, what you do what you think, all understood by God, no hiding from it, why clutter love with things, Jesus warned us, still warns us, read his words, the material isn’t heaven bound, heaven as real as the sun, don’t harbour grudges, dump your baggage, forgive fast, and if you believe, act that way, many hungry many in need, and good example, is the best encouragement, good example is deed, amen.


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