Trust, understand the meaning,
much effort made to undermine it,
rust in everything,
everywhere you look,
daily reminded, other words,
being taught to be destructive in love,
the goal of the damaged soul,
Jesus speaks trust,
fullest meaning of the word,
the consequences of it,
faith in God Most High,
the rulers of the earth,
don’t want mention of it,
only trust in themselves,
Not the prophets sent to strengthen us,
all mention the need to trust,
trust being faith in Love Faith in God,
i think she’s having an affair,
what do you mean,
don’t think your hair is great,
there’s some grey over there,
pity about this and that,
go shopping and cure yourself,
road gets rough retain your trust,
friends will remind us not to trust,
she’s divorced,
did you see the way he looks at her,
the cancer that was spread throughout the world,
how can God have faith in you,
if you dont trust,
rhetoric, well,
see the image posted with this blog,
it’s God’s way of reminding us to hold on,
hold the faith we have,
the spell of the evil one has been destroyed,
it’s evidenced by the many blessings,
prayers are being answered,
people are being cured,
across the world, amen,
What is a marriage without trust,
agony for all concerned,
what is any relationship without trust,
a leaky bucket,
it will empty out eventually, amen

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