ghandhiOnly a thought required, it’s the same with addiction, can’t get it out of my head, where are my cigarettes, can’t sleep if I don’t have one, it’s not that you are going to smoke the night through, but the very thought of it, the same way words are used to taunt and rise peoples anxieties, he’s honest better not tell him anything, for fear of what, even Herman Goring had class, it’s easy to be fooled into thinning a certain way, God, no one’s seen him must have been pure imagination, it’s easy to water down faith in Love, did you see the way he was….fill in the blanks with your imagination, there are enough prompts to tease you, enough friends willing to appease you, unless they have a sense of being, living in the moment of now, living in the stream of love, not some far off experience or hearsay, when you are searching for excuses, you are not living in the now, most likely to be living in denial, amen…


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