IMG_5755What is it, where does it come from, is it talent, how is it used, can it be renewed, does it pass to the next generation, can we improve it, what is the human input, does it need certain conditions for it’s replenishment, there’s a lot to wisdom, and never before has there been a dire need for it as now, in terms of how we apply it. one thing for sure, wisdom is divine, and as with talent, has been abused regularly. And if wisdom comes from the divine source, and can be stated without doubt, proved, and presented to be just as stated here, divine and priceless, then have a look at the image of the man in the sky, it will open your mind. As the saying goes, realizing that God Most High is a real person, a real God, and believing it, should ease tensions everywhere, pass the image on, and bring some peace to your neighborhood, amen.


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