Need change, doing the same, or do you reform, need a new mind, reform it, it’s all there, pulverized by obscenity hatred fear, what’s in the current mind, images of violence and pleasure, well it’s obvious to all, the intrusion, the attack on the senses, war against love, it’s been wholesale, never ending, well, The Great God of Heaven and Earth, wants us to re engage, it’s all over the world, reform or bust, and the children need it, too many damaged, heads filled out, too many uncertain futures, the images in the minds of so many, problems waiting to happen, do we wait and hang ‘em, do we change and help ‘em, reform, no more secret association, two is obviously better than one, and marriage, whatever, should be encouraged everywhere, when God Most High sends wisdom, you usually listen, and he wants us to reform, amen, all of us, Muslim Christian, Jehovah, Jew, reform….there was Clint Eastwood movie….


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