Independence Day

Be yourself, go on, damn it all, you hear it all the time, clever therapists, the psycho babble, be yourself, it’s the only way to be, three thousand years ago, being yourself wasn’t fashionable, opposing points of power, envy excess fear and control, very few good leaders, tipsy topsy turvy world, competing ego’s, the roman’s in control, Egypt defeated, great if you were a roman as they say, then along came Jesus and co, changed the world entirely sort of independence day moment, God, HE really does exist, what does it mean, showers down miracles, who could do that, rulers of the times wary and anxious, try to get rid of the influence, but the independence day cause won out, had the support of divine order, the war of independence, U.S, Ireland, France, the moment of great change, some of it very bitter, like the civil wars that ensued, as old hurts were never dealt with, well, it’s independence day again for everyone, every day you wake and realise that your existence is really, a simple gift. amen

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