The gateway

Open the hidden gates, wake the heart, re ignite hope, lift the vulnerable, raise the hopeless, calm the storm, secur the love, establish community, walk through the fire, come out the other side, stand guardian, don’t judge anyone, ride danger. Jesus suffered temptation, had constant efforts made to trap, shimmied in and out, ignored self opportunities, waited till it was safe, before coming out, not bad for one life, amen. Met the evil force, the many faces it shows, the fear it pushes, the way cancer grows, smiled through adversity, encountered miracles, encountered love too, saw sparkle from heaven, called the stars, they came, stopped the rain, escaped death more than once, driven by Fear of God, chosen too, did it his own way, understood the madness, understood the ignorance too, saw only one outcome, decided to try and changed everything, and managed it as well, well, when the Holy Spirit enters your zone, the wisdom of God arrives too, ask in the Name of Jesus and Pray,amen.

The Scream


The Scream


Screams and roars it’s another goal,

supporters go crazy with glee,

they are in the best of company,

far away a small boy is distraught,

his life over his life complete, j

just seen his father butchered on the street,

he’s crying in despair wonders no more,

heart broken for ever more,

hates the world and what it stands for,

this is not a lament or complaint,

just the telling of an awful ugly secret,

woman and children flee in fear and desperation,

world leaders so called conscience of the world,

they are working on a plan,

the same one they worked on years ago,

same faces same reasons same conclusions,

the ball hits the net the crowd screams,

another child screams there’s blood around his feet,

but no one hears his cries of despair,

God Most High isn’t watching the football,

his mind is with the innocent victims elsewhere,

he’s wondering about all the talent given,

the times they are a changing and it’s clear,

time we put aside our pleasure pursuits,

and focused on  this terrible state of affairs,

one week of effort is all it will take,

if Mrs Merc Mr Obama The Sheiks wake up,

and put the foot down for the sake of that kid,

what a difference it would make everywhere,

when the world is in jeopardy  we pray,

we better show some mercy fast before it all disappears,

The picture of the man in the clouds,

is not a work of fiction, amen.

From Self Care to Collective Caring

we are community folks

Everything Matters

By Leah Harris

“Like many survivors, I can isolate myself while engaging in the stereotypes of self-care. I may look brave or even enlightened as I take up yoga or running, write glowing reviews of books on self-acceptance, and channel my emotions into elaborate art projects and self-revealing blog posts. This form of self-care can feel less like liberation and more like solitary confinement. Sometimes what I actually need is someone to show up at my house with take-out, sit there while I pick at my food, stay with me until I’m falling asleep sitting up on the couch, and then send me to bed and tuck the blankets around me. Occasionally that happens without my asking. And sometimes I have to bravely reach out and alert someone that I need to talk, or cry, or most of all just not be alone. There are times when not insisting on…

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Joy of Love

Ready, the mirror, lines, too much, too little, final pout, then out, heart racing, love inside, excited and it’s real, he’s waiting, she’s late, it’s unusual, it wasn’t internet, evening melts into night, the dinner the conversation, the real exchange, no checking the mobile, switched off, nothing to interfere with, the gentle flow of love, that’s what love is, wanting to get to understand without having to own, a process of steps that lead you home, resting place for your emotions, the safe harbour you dream of, free of fear and anxiety, a place distant from this world, well Love is heavenly, amen, wish the children of Syria had it a little easier, so many never speak up, so few stand up, sometimes that’s what love is, amen

The Common Bond

Father is Away again, when will he be back, haven’t seen him in years, don’t know where to send the card, there’s a stack of them in my head, another pile in the closet, wonder why he never wanted me, mom said he was a fairy, I suppose I’m a fairy too, what does a father do, who invented Father’s day anyway, someone with a cruel sense of humor, well, I have friends in the same boat, when I mention it they tell me to shut up, it’s a real emotional issue for them, emotional doesn’t do anything for me, not where I’m living now, inside the bars of my mind, and the bars of my surrounds, could have done with a father I suppose. No one on the inside worries much about father’s day. I stop writing this, the time for the visit is up, have been waiting for years to celebrate it, sitting in the visitors room the warder calls me, he’s not coming son. I wonder how it would have turned out, if my father had shown up once. I’m seventy years old, and still a prisoner of my emotions, amen.

Every child born is born with that internal message, Mama and Dada. Amazing that those two words are globally recognized, everyone understands them, then pretends not to understand what they mean, amen. Well, if those words mattered, and they do matter to every child born, how come no effort is made to support them, amen.

Friday the 13th

1% of the population, control the resources of the world,  unsustainable, and God Most High is listening, this world being a gift to us all. The picture of the Man in the sky, is not the Divine creator passing by and saying hi, hope you are all doing well, and that you are all being taken care of, it’s not that type of visitation, it’s a real time warning and call for immediate change, the coming of the new kingdom as some would call it. The image is one of a set and was meant to be shown to people, to make them aware of the divine presence, and had it been splashed onto newspapers and magazines, as it could have been, as it’s been sent to many, it would have reduced the abuses going on everywhere, as the image is being supported by the Holy Spirit, I have had the experience and much more, but in a nutshell, the actual image would have sufficed, to send fear into the minds of those promoting division and hatred. The dark energy fully understands the existence of the Divine, so much so they have been undermining faith in truth love and trust everywhere, in the hope that people everywhere, would loose faith in their God, and it very nearly worked. If you control the output of the media you in affect control the thought process of everyone watching, politicians advertisers war mongerers extremists propagandists are all fully aware of this. The so called divisions between Christianity and the Islamic faith is purely a concoction, that divides people and creates power bases for various religious groupings, as they all have the same basic aim, the Glory and Worship of God Most High, both religions believe in the very same GOD, it’s just that they have been climbing mount everest

From two different positions. In a nutshell, Wisdom would suggest, as the wise men of the east have already being doing, and many wise men from the west have been trying to do, that we agree on certain principles, and this is happening, albeit slowly. God is real, and we can’t ignore this anymore. We should be doing all we can, to appeal to his mercy, rather that reacting to great tragedies that can easily be avoided, as nothing is outside his authority, as evidenced by the many miraculous events that have occurred these last few years. Do you believe, then do it. A common book of prayer, would be a start in the right direction. This being St.Anthony’s day too, all the animals, all the birds, got on fine, why can’t we? Join the chrislamatic movement, One God for All, amen, as it was intended.

Week 7, live your life with purpose.

wisdom love and fathers day

thirsty on thursdays

Separating the Proverbs 31 hymn of a good woman into 21 points and posting them three at a time has been fun. We made it to week 7 of 7!


Let’s review,
1. Hard to find; worth far more than diamonds.
2. Trustworthy.
3. Never spiteful.
4. Works with eager hands.
5. Provide.
6. Be organized; wake up early.
7. Independent
8. Dress yourself in strength.
9. Sense the worth of your work.
10. 11. 12. Quick to assist.
13. Be crafty.
14. Be the type of person you’d like to meet.
15. Hardworking.
16. Laughs without fear of days to come.
17. Wise.
18. Productive.

Read Proverbs 31:28-31

19. Respected.  Her children respect and bless her; her husband joins in with words of praise:“Many women have done wonderful things, but you’ve outclassed them all!” (The Message). Most of us enjoy compliments. Whether it’s a stranger saying you…

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