White Collar

A glance right, look left, anyone watching, he dips the handbag, helps himself, robs pensioner, her last twenty dollars, give him 100 years, media circus pours in, even the cat has an opinion, it wasn’t her last 20, but that’s how the media reports it, same media that overlooks the crimes of the real criminals, educated thieves who steal legally, there is always a loophole, teams of highly educated professionals spend days on it, who ever discovers it, boy will he be made, and the 100 million they steal, will all be above board, regardless of whose pension it is, double standards, in the eyes of God Most High, the educated and talented who steal legally, are 100 times worse, when their deeds are done, they go to church, sit down in front of everyone, belittling the reputation of the Divine, and what he makes of their supporters, that’s another days work, it’s just a pension fund dave, no one will notice the difference, there’s no name on it, besides it’s all legal, it’s there in black and white, imagine the lives lost and the hopes dashed, amen.


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