The Witness

Fixer rainmaker opportunist,

spin doctor lobbyist,

terms of endearment,

terms of destruction,

they sow the seeds of corruption,

enjoy special privileges everywhere,

the men and women who get things done,

admired for deviousness and rewarded accordingly,

something you are told to get used to,

as you learn and deal with life,

read true stories of their achievements,

horrors they caused throughout the world

 can state with the utmost certainty,

multiple wars and murders their actions caused,

the lives and hopes of  generations dashed.

Slavery racism illegal wars arms industry,

religious abuse of women the list is endless,

and the excuses where do you start,

story of the apple one bad one destroys the entire

wisdom of God story of the garden of Eden,

talents misused blessings abused,

where do you want to stop then,

if you ever had emotion or empathy,

don’t mean the need to travel to far off places,

the local stuff everyone passes over globally,

understand what I mean,

story of your neighbour and bible of course,

just stating the obvious,

someone had to put it down on paper,

i guess I’m a witness,



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