Friday the 13th

1% of the population, control the resources of the world,  unsustainable, and God Most High is listening, this world being a gift to us all. The picture of the Man in the sky, is not the Divine creator passing by and saying hi, hope you are all doing well, and that you are all being taken care of, it’s not that type of visitation, it’s a real time warning and call for immediate change, the coming of the new kingdom as some would call it. The image is one of a set and was meant to be shown to people, to make them aware of the divine presence, and had it been splashed onto newspapers and magazines, as it could have been, as it’s been sent to many, it would have reduced the abuses going on everywhere, as the image is being supported by the Holy Spirit, I have had the experience and much more, but in a nutshell, the actual image would have sufficed, to send fear into the minds of those promoting division and hatred. The dark energy fully understands the existence of the Divine, so much so they have been undermining faith in truth love and trust everywhere, in the hope that people everywhere, would loose faith in their God, and it very nearly worked. If you control the output of the media you in affect control the thought process of everyone watching, politicians advertisers war mongerers extremists propagandists are all fully aware of this. The so called divisions between Christianity and the Islamic faith is purely a concoction, that divides people and creates power bases for various religious groupings, as they all have the same basic aim, the Glory and Worship of God Most High, both religions believe in the very same GOD, it’s just that they have been climbing mount everest

From two different positions. In a nutshell, Wisdom would suggest, as the wise men of the east have already being doing, and many wise men from the west have been trying to do, that we agree on certain principles, and this is happening, albeit slowly. God is real, and we can’t ignore this anymore. We should be doing all we can, to appeal to his mercy, rather that reacting to great tragedies that can easily be avoided, as nothing is outside his authority, as evidenced by the many miraculous events that have occurred these last few years. Do you believe, then do it. A common book of prayer, would be a start in the right direction. This being St.Anthony’s day too, all the animals, all the birds, got on fine, why can’t we? Join the chrislamatic movement, One God for All, amen, as it was intended.


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