Fathers and Machines


Living in a world of machines, mind controlled disillusioned, competing interests vie for control of everyone living, the proverbial top, while a smattering of true believing beings in the Great God of Love, without many options, hang on tenaciously to their beliefs, on the cliff each day, the world of love is pressurized more and more, media forms fight fierce wars, for the souls of the new borns and all. Into this arena few winners, but some did make it through, the shield of deceit and deception revealed, and in the process enlightened the hearts of those in the circles of love, and this is where we stand today, can’t you feel it!

No excuses necessary, but it’s vital and of the uttermost importance, wisdoms learned are passed on. God in his mercy, provides reassuring miracles to sustain the effort. If the people of the great belief are real, they will either show up or not. The angels call and get into action, and act fast while the opportunity exists. The window is small, the door is narrow, and it’s a question of here and now, we write this to put the understanding down clearly, so no one can pretend or act foolishly, there is no excuse.

The picture has been on the web for ten months, many have seen it, it’s not a religious experience, it’s proof 100% of the real existence of the real loving God, and everyday lost in the experience of love is a step down the road to nowhere. Show your love today and everyday amen, it encourages the angels the frontline defenders and entire family of God, amen. When you celebrate father’s day, don’t over do it, there are many young ones without a father figure, and we don’t want to open the wound that exists therein, by being too showy ourselves, well, you don’t wave food at the hungry, well we do actually, and we taunt the poor young and vulnerable daily, that’s another days adventure, amen.


2 thoughts on “Fathers and Machines

    • absolute truth, so much effort is put into father’s day while so many children dream of having a father, it’s like taunting, share the love, blessings and thanks for the comment

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