A Chrislamic Revolution, What, that is neither Islam or Christianity, it’s the wisdom of two, a voice from both sides that merge into one singular voice, that encapsulates the best of both  religions, including Judaism, whose single purpose is common love, common boundaries, common prayer, common place of worship, all in the name of the One  God Most High, which by it’s nature, puts all the true believers under one banner, amen. The will of God, one Love, imitated on earth, by us. Why allow malicious individuals use differences between peoples to create war, mistrust, anxiety, and fear among people, when One God Most High decree’s one Love for all. It’s time to rethink it all, amen, I’m a Chrislamic thinker by the way, what, I believe in God Most High, His Son Jesus, and all the other prophets, amen. Could wisdom be any simpler, amen.


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