The Usual Suspects

Front page news, another look another view, celebrity rear ends, who’d do this to you, attention chasing perhaps, relapse back into rehab, posing is one thing, having a photographer stalking, rather frightening, what are they looking at, what’s in their minds, what do they want you to do, drool over your coffee this morning, imagine creating a living waiting for the shot, the editor hysterical cause of the pot, the extra thousands of viewers hone in, is that what it looks like, can you see anything there, are we all voyeurs,Image what does go on in the minds of so many, and they expect young children to view it too, on the front page some moral outrage, lift the covers and it’s a different story, do these people behave like corrupt politicians, or is their excuse the usual one, just doing what we are paid to do, the usual suspects what else do you expect, amen.

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