Point The Finger

Point the blame


Nails, floggings, hangings, crucifixion, persecution and betrayal of neighbors, butchering of women and children, sounds like Bosnia, Nazi war effort, the guys with the white sheets KKK, sounds awful no, it’s much simpler that that, and it should be of great assistance to those who need an internal and spiritual awakening, these are some of the old habits of St.Paul before he became a man of God, and as a man of God, he was chosen, by God. His outlandish behaviour is well documented, and mentioned regularly, in bible scripture, Holy Scripture, and it’s something we ought to remember. God’s wisdom is not anything we can imagine, not in todays world. Here is a human Being, who does everything to halt the progress of God’s message. And despite all the hurt and death he caused, God Most High chooses him, forgives him, and fills him, with the Holy Spirit. If there is a lesson in this, it’s simply this. Not only did God allow us to crucify and torture his/ her son, but he also raised up another Son from among us, who had in fact been anti God, why would you in all wisdom imagine this being the case. It demonstrates to each and everyone of us, that God is merciful beyond comprehension, that he is forgiving beyond human abilities, and that as the Greatest Teacher of  all, that if one wishes to follow the master, one must not become greater than the master, as the Devil has tried to display here on earth along with the fallen angels, but one must try to imitate the Master as best we can, while leading our normal lives. In a nutshell, there is good in everyone, no cause is ever entirely lost, every situation even the impossible is no longer impossible, when you follow the ways of God. So don’t condemn, learn, don’t hate, love, don’t bare resentments, forgive, don’t boast but become humble, and ignore those who suggest otherwise, amen. Check the image in the sky, it’s real. it was taken on a perfect day, there are five more….

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